A warm welcome to schools in Ontario and New Brunswick that have decided to implement the Trottibus Walking School Bus.
Registration for schools outside Quebec is not possible through this website. To register or to learn more about the participating schools, please click here.

Frequently asked

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  • Is the Trottibus Walking School Bus free?

    The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) offers free guidance to schools that want to put in place a Trottibus Walking School Bus. The CCS’s main role is to train people responsible for the project, provide them will all the tools necessary, and help them recruit volunteers (as needed). The materials required for the safety of the participants is free (vest for volunteers). Some promotional tools and logistics can be ordered at a nominal cost.

  • For a school, what are the benefits of putting in place a Trottibus Walking School Bus?

    The smooth operation of the Trottibus Walking School Bus brings numerous benefits: there is less traffic around schools, pedestrian safety is increased, children concentrate better in the classroom, parents mobilize around a project that brings people together, and environments conducive to physical exercise are created.

  • How can I find out if the Trottibus Walking School Bus can be implemented in my school?

    You must first determine what the particular need of your school is to start a Trottibus Walking School Bus (health, safety, school bus not available, etc.).
    As taking children from home to school is the responsibility of parents, several of them must first express an interest in the Trottibus Walking School Bus and be willing to get involved in its implementation. A Canadian Cancer Society survey is available to measure parents’ interest level in getting involved and registering their children. This tool will also make it possible to have an idea of the number of children interested in joining the Trottibus Walking School Bus. The ideal is to have the support of your governing board before launching the Trottibus Walking School Bus.

  • Should the school meet certain conditions to qualify for the Canadian Cancer Society’s guidance and implement a Trottibus Walking School Bus?

    The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) requires everyone walking with the children to undergo a criminal backround check, receive training on the principles of the Trottibus Walking School Bus (provided by the CCS), wear a yellow vest (provided by the CCS) and that a minimum of 2 adult volunteers are present at the departure of each route.


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