A warm welcome to schools in Ontario and New Brunswick that have decided to implement the Trottibus Walking School Bus.
Registration for schools outside Quebec is not possible through this website. To register or to learn more about the participating schools, please click here.

Setting up
a Trottibus

The Trottibus is a project involving the collaboration between parents, the school and the community. Setting it up in seven easy steps:


Conduct a survey

A little, a lot, or passionately? Find out the interest of parents in your school by conducting a survey (available upon request).


Form a committee

Two heads are better than one! Form a committee of at least two volunteers and get started.


Create the route(s)

What does the survey say? First, identify one or two routes. Then, plan stops and schedules.


Promote the project

Promote the project in classrooms, after-school services and public places in the neighborhood.


Start registration

Inform parents when its time to register their children and get involved as volunteers.


Train volunteers

Getting all volunteers together for the road safety training is also a great way for everyone to meet!


Walk together!

Be sure to invite all parents and the school principal to the official launch. And of course... have fun!

Upload the Start Up Guide for our best tips!

Interested in starting a Trottibus Walking School Bus in your school?          Make a request now.

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