A warm welcome to schools in Ontario and New Brunswick that have decided to implement the Trottibus Walking School Bus.
Registration for schools outside Quebec is not possible through this website. To register or to learn more about the participating schools, please click here.

50+ volunteering

Are you retired? An area resident? Why not serve your community by getting involved in the Trottibus and accompanying grade school students to school on foot.


Every reason is a good reason to walk

Learn more

Every reason is a good reason to walk

Learn more

Why get involved with the Trottibus?

Encourage healthy habits

Be active
Help children be more active
Encourage active transportation

Share good times with your community

Meet your neighbours
Enjoy precious moments with children


Promote travel safety
Support families
Share your expertise

Two ways to get involved


Take grade school children to school in the morning (between 1 to 5 mornings/week)


Help organize or promote the Trottibus

What participants have to say

What prompted me to become a volunteer for the Trottibus is the idea of spending time with kids, keeping fit, starting my day on the right foot, and giving parents a helping hand.

Huguette, retired volunteer

For me, it's the idea of having a routine, because when you’re retired, it's easy to let yourself go and do nothing ... so in the morning, I wake up early, go outside with the kids, get back home at 8:30 am, and still have the whole day ahead of me.

Michèle, retired volunteer

Everyone knows each other on the 1.2 km route that we walk – the children, the parents and the locals. The Trottibus brings people together.

Paul, volunteer dad

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